Pat Mercuri

Pat Mercuri

Pat Mercuri is a long-term resident of Mission Viejo and your South Orange County Real Estate specialist in the luxury marketing market where he excels because of his marketing expertise. There is no doubt that Pat is recognized as a marketing leader which he applies to his real estate practice. Pat has run a successful direct marketing firm in Orange County for years building business for a number of successful mortgage originators, automotive dealers, and solar companies. What separates real estate agents today is their marketing skills and that is where Pat excels. He has the expertise, the experience and the passion and determination to make your real estate buying or selling experience a success.

Pat was nominated by the OCBJ as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 and 2017. He was recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and success and Pat brings those values and that attitude to his real estate customers.

Pat approaches the real estate market with the approach he doesn’t have clients. Pat only sees relationships and his efforts are based on a philosophy that he is only successful if you are completely happy with the entire process.

Pat is a long-term resident of Orange County which provides him with a unique understanding of the region and its neighborhoods. He knows them street by street and brings that expertise to you so you can find your perfect home and save you money.

Pat operates on a simple philosophy. Honesty and ethics. If you want to work with a true real estate marketing expert then there is nobody else to call than Pat Mercuri.

Pat is married to a kindergarten teacher and has three children. Outside of work, Pat is very active in a number of philanthropic charities in Orange County.


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